North Coast Beach House

Stinson beach, California


We were approached by the clients to help design a rustic driveway for their summer home. There was no driveway, no entry path and difficult access in wet weather for a young family.  We approached this project by first noticing that they had a coastal stream in the back. The stream, banks and trees were completely covered by invasive ivy making for a scary, shady inaccessible area with dwindling plant diversity.  So the project engaged on two tracks;  one to design a vehicle and pedestrian friendly approach and another to restore the creek.  The beautiful outdoor table is by local woodworker Ido Yoshimoto.

In parallel with the entry improvements, we have engaged on a multi-year effort to eradicate the invasive plants and restore the stream bank vegetation.  The ecological and aesthetic benefits are just starting to emerge and we will update the progress in the coming years.

The current efforts have already yielded a trail and hillside reminiscent of the neighboring, historic Dipsea Trail.  In addition, their young children are now avid observers of the newly discovered riparian fauna.